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"Run The Race ... Run To Win ... Run To The Well Done Line!"

IT'S BACK! Welcome to the home base of the upcoming summer conference, "The Gathering of the Mimes: INSplosion"

We hope that you'll join us on Friday, July 12th and Saturday, July 13th at Williams Chapel LIFE Church in the city of Detroit, Michigan. 

A great weekend awaits you, including Mime Ministry "Worth" shops, a Mime Sharecase (for registrants only), Choreography and a FREE Evening City-Wide Mime Concert. We have all of the information that you will need right here! 

Please come back often for any updates we may have. 

But until July 2013, remember that:

"Before there is an explosion ... there must be an "IN-SPLOSION"!

2013 GOTMimes Flyer Info - Side 1
2013 GOTMimes Flyer Info - Side 2
2013 GOTMimes Registration Dates/Fees
2013 GOTMimes Registration
2013 GOTMimes Participant Rules & Info
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