RUN THE RACE Performing Arts Ministries

"Run The Race ... Run To Win ... Run To The Well Done Line!"

JAMES C. HAYES   Founder. CEO. Servant.

“How many hats do you wear?” It is a phrase often used to describe the many facets of James C. Hayes.  If he is not wearing the hat of minister of mime, educator, choreographer, actor, speaker, or song/play writer, then he is simply being a father to Rayanna NeShae and Julian Carter and a loving husband to Taenesha Hayes, affectionately known as “Ms. Tae.”

James has the unique ability to be cross-generational and cross-cultural by using his creative methodology to spread the word of God through the arts.  This gift has been with him since a babe and he has continued to nurture it with ten years of experience in higher education, traveling over the country pouring into youth and young adults.  It’s also hard to believe that this young Detroit native has been miming, acting, and mentoring for over 15 years, which is clearly why James’ work and style can be seen all over the country.

James is the co-founder and mime-ographer of Silent Witness Mime of Detroit, MI.  He is also the creator and current director of The 2C (Second Canaan) Remnant Performing Arts Ministry, simply known as The 2C Remnant.  James has also been blessed to complement his gift educationally, by earning his Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Lakeland College, and a Master of Education with an emphasis in Leadership of Educational Organizations from American InterContinental University.

James has been known to be passionate about growing in and operating with a spirit of excellence.  Now his gift and techniques are being highly sought after by youth groups, businesses, and churches all over.  James’ mission is “to paint a clear picture of Jesus Christ through the arts and if he does not he has failed." As a result of this he is the Founder and CEO of Run The Race Performing Arts Ministries, which allows James not only to show but teach others how to run the race through the performing arts. So in the words of James C. Hayes: “Run the Race, Run to Win, and Run to the Well Done Line.”